Adult Education
Judaism With a Touch of Class
Curious about your heritage? Wonder what it means to be Jew? Want to explore G-d's gift to you - the Torah?Do you feel like you would love to but don't know where to go and don't have time to get there?
Well then you will love this:

Have a rabbi come study with you - when, what, and where you want!

Cost for 60 minutes, $45.
up to a maximum 5 people per class.
Scholarships available.

No prior knowledge or background is required for any course.

Jewish Mysticism

Join this ongoing class to analyze various Torah topics with a mystical twist. This is a fascinating window into the world of Judaism and is open to all levels of knowledge. Bring your seat belt.


“Attaining Freedom”
Journey Into The Soul Of Torah

The Book of Exodus demonstrates that freedom is the ability to let go of our attachments to falsehood, harness the power of the Soul, and acknowledge that everything comes from Above. The journey from Egypt, the birth of our nation,the giving of the Torah, the vision of a promised land... these events help unmask our illusions and empower usto seek truth and break through all limitations.


The Talmud is the repository of centuries of Jewish scholarship and wisdom and is a composite of practical law, logical argumentation and moral teachings, extracted from the Torah through precise and analytical methods. This class will offer a look at the Talmudic legal system and discussions will include many examples of Talmudic logic and reasoning.

“Talmud Learning Initiative”

A in-depth classes in Talmud that will help you gain the skills needed to engage in independent Torah study.



Mamme loshon for beginners
A wonderful opportunity for those who have always wanted to learn some basics of this colorful language. Kvetch. Shpiel. Kvell. Shlep. Shpilkes. There is something so expressive about Yiddish that many Yiddish words have found their way into the English dictionary. However, it’s not just the words - the magic of Yiddish is its integral role in our heritage and history. This course will offer an introduction to the words and phrases “fun der alte heim”.

One-on-One Study

Annoyed with "organized religion?"

Challenge Rabbi Zalman or Hindy

Both Rabbi Zalman and Hindy are available for 1-on-1 learning or discussions on any Jewish topic of your choice. No questions are off-bounds!!



Chabad Chabad Jewish Student  & Community Center
643 Valley View Dr. Morgantown, WV 304.599.1515