Shabbat Dinner

Chabad at WVU hosts weekly Shabbat dinners. The intimate and elegant setting allows students to meet new friends from every niche of the WVU community, while feasting on a gourmet home cooked meal. Experience the sweetness of Shabbat with great cuisine, lively conversation, and family warmth. Join us with your friends!

PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice, in-person Shabbat dinner and services will be suspended Please sign up for Shabbat to-go

Shabbat Dinner is at 7:15 every Friday night while WVU is in session.  (for events in the summer or over WVU breaks, please contact us)

    It is traditional not only to put your leavened products out of sight during Passover, but also to sell them through a Rabbi to a non-Jew. This is done in order to fulfill the commandment of not owning any Chametz.*
    Please submit the signed form by Thursday, March 25,2021. You need not finish cleaning by the time you mail your form.